Spiros Poros

Spiros Poros

Greek native Spiros Poros discovered his passion for photography during his journey around the world taking snapshots of people in their cultural environment. His photography has a very cinematographic appeal in the way it portrays its protagonist and their moods. Over time his photography has become recognizable for its distinct style that reflects his respects and thoughtfulness for the theme.

His unique style has attributed greatly to his notability in United States and in Greece and has enabled his to shoot several magazine editorials for magazines such as vogue, in style, Flaunt and Esquire around the world. Constantly evolving and revolutionizing his method has made him a favorite photographer of fashion houses and celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Keira Knightley, Cristopher Noth, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli, Megan Good, Michael Stipe, supermodels like Alesandra Amposio and more.

Spiros has developed photography exhibitions and published display books including “Tattoo”, “Bodies and Behaviors”. His last exhibition “Under Exposed” – An Exclusive Photographic Exploration of Cuban Ballet and Boxing which was shown in New York. His exhibition : “Love and Strife= Cosmic Cycle” took place at Auckland in New Zealand.

He currently lives in Argentina working on his new art project exploring the “objects of value” for people beyond poverty, but that are still working to recycle the rubbish of other peoples. “I am blessed, this experience is much more than a project”

« Spiros is s world class artist , he is a photography master », says Manu Bennett ,actor in the Spartacus series, «  working with him is like working with Peter Jackson, director of The Lord of the Rings  »
Recently he presented his art book Φ Fotosofia.