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Nikos Floros utilizes materials from our everyday life, which he transforms into magnificent, original works of art. His unique sculptural mosaics and forms, juxtaposed by the energy of primitive cultures from all over the world, promise to produce a transcendent, ecstatic connection to the human psyche, something that the artist seeks to evoke. Through his artwork, Nikos Floros has combined elements to make an alternate perception:
Utilizing a very modern medium, aluminum, along with a contemporary and powerful brand, he has weaved a new form of “fabric” and mosaic, in order to create unique and original sculptural costumes, and haunting mosaic portraits that evoke the power and influence of these historical figures and personalities. These sculptural costumes - symbols of power, give artistic shape to a material, which is a product of our modern society, wishing to make evident the great strength that the autocracy of modern day marketing and advertising exercises over common man.
Nikos Floros was born in Hellas. He grew up in Athens and has lived and worked in several major cities around the world. He studied at the School of Fine Arts (Ecole des Beaux Arts) in Paris as well as classical piano and classical theater in Greece. Nikos Floros has exhibited around the world and his sculptures are in museums and private collections.

Solo Exhibitions / 2003 - 2019
Archeological Museum of Thessaloniki, Greece
Melas Mansion, National Bank of Greece, Athens, Greece Foundation of
the Hellenic World, Athens, Greece Syntagma Square of the Attico
Metro, Athens, Greece
Art Cargo Gallery, Hellenic-German Exhibition, Athens Greek Consulate
in New York
Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes
Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria
National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, D.C., USA
Grace: Symbol of Change, Monte Carlo, Monaco Metropole Palace, Monte
Carlo, Monaco
Teatro Communale, Bologna, Italy
Grand Hotel Majestic “Gia” Baglioni, Bologna, Italy Tsaritsyno State
Museum and Reserve, Moscow, Russia Russian Academy of Fine Arts, St.
Petersburg, Russia
St. Isaak Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia
Museo del Greco, Toledo, Spain
Palace of the Grand Master, Rhodes, Greece
St. Isaak Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia 2015
St. Isaak Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Russia 2016
Tsaritsyno State Museum and Reserve, Moscow, Russia 2017 The
Ethnographic and Historical Museum lisbon 2018
abu dhapi 2019

Group Exhibitions / 2003 - 2016
Whitney Museum of American Art Metropolitan Club
French Heritage Society
Benaki Museum, Athens, Greece
Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria
Historic Museum of Aegina, Greece
Piraeus Bank, Athens, Greece
Pierides Museum “Athinais”, Athens, Greece Art Meets Media, Athens, Greece
Hofburg Palace, Vienna, Austria
Consulate General of the Republic of Cyprus, New York, USA

Museum of Cycladic Art, Athens, Greece
New York, Manhattan, by the curator Elbi Askin Special Olympics 2011,
Athens, Greece Representation of Mercedes-Benz sign, Athens, Greece
Opernhause, Vienna, Austria 2011
Grand Prize, for the “Red Queen Elizabeth” costume, given by the
Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume and presented by the curator Harold
Koda of the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume.
Grand Prize, for the “Silver Elizabeth I” costume, from the French
Heritage Society at the “Young Friends Heritage Soci- ety”.
Sculptural costumes for the production of Jean Jacques Rous- seau’s
NARCISSE, presented at the Theater of the New City, in collaboration
with the New York University and Columbia University.
Designed Costumes for the production of the very well-known director,
composer and singer Stamatis Kraounakis, in Athens, Greece.
Nikos’ Floros artwork was chosen by the Brazilian educational system
for inclusion in their instructional textbooks.
His work has received worldwide recognition and has been covered by
major news services such as Reuters, BBC, Sky News, ABC News, New York
Times, Vogue, W, Associated Press, Fashion TV and many other news and
television chan- nels throughout the world.
Nikos Floros was a cultural correspondent for major news- papers and
magazines for many years, based at the United Nations in New York City
Golden Medal of Arts and Sciences, Albert Schweitzer Founda- tion,
Vienna, Austria 2011
Innovation Award, Global Thinkers Forum, Athens, Greece, 2013
Third International Conference of Hellenic Diaspora, Athens, Greece 2016
Exhibitions in Wuppertal and Dusseldorf in Germany -2019

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