Maria Georgiadou

Maria Georgiadou

Born in Athens. She graduated with an honour degree from the School of Art Theatre - Karolos Koun. She is also a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Athens. In theatre she has collaborated with the Art Theatre - Karolos Koun (1983-1987) as a student and actress in the performances: “Theatre - Actors – Spectators”, “Pravda” by Howard Brenton and David Hare (Susy), “Glorinia” by N. Rodriguez (neighbour) (dir. George Lazanis), “Yvonne” by W. Gombrowicz (aunt) (dir. Mimis Kougioumtzis), “Farmers dying” by Franz Xaver Kroetz (dir. Karolos Koun), in ancient dramas directed by Karolos Koun, “Electra” by Sophocles, “Prometheus Bound” by Aeschylus, “Thesmophoriazusae” by Aristophanes, “Persians” by Aeschylus, “The Birds” by Aristophanes.

She worked with Thimios Karakatsanis in “Stelios” by G. Xanthoulis (1988), with Katia Dandoulaki in “To Clothe the Naked’ by L. Pirandello (dir. Michael Cacoyannis) (1989), with Lakis Lazopoulos in “Something I have to tell you” by L.  Lazopoulos (dir. Lakis Lazopoulos) (1991), with Stratos Tzortzoglou in “Mousetrap” by A. Christie (Molly Ralston, dir. Manousos Manousakis) (1992), in “Liliom” by Molnar (Julia, dir. Andreas Manolikakis) (1995), with Peter Filippidis “Hotel Paradise” by G. Feydeau (Mme Perle, dir. Kostas Kazakos) (1994), with Panos Michalopoulos “To fraud alleles” by D. Tristram (Jenny Adams , dir. Michael Papanikolaou) (1996), with Vladimir Kyriakidis in “ Two Into One” by R. Cooney (Pamela, dir. Vladimir Kyriakidis) (2001), with George Partsalakis in “There is pride” by Al. Sakellariou - Chr. Giannakopoulos (Nada Mavrogialourou , dir. John Karachisaridis) (2004), in “Theodorakis:  A life in Greece” by K. Igerinou (Urania, dir. Korais Damatis) (2004), with Vouros Yannis “Lend me a Tenor” by K. Ludwig (Maria, dir. John Iordanidis) (2005), with George Kimoulis in “Volpone” by  Ben Jonson (Lady Would be, dir. George Kimoulis) (2006).  

She also starred in “Les Amazones” by  Jean Mari Chevre (Annie, dir. Korais Damatis) (2006), with Haris Romas in “Play on” by P. Abbott (Teresa, dir. Vassilis Myrianthopoulos) (2008), "Rumors" by Neil Simon (dir. by Peris Michailidis) (2009), "Fat men in skirts" by Nicky Silver (dir. Chris Karchadakis) (2010), "A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking" by John Ford Noonan (dir. Emmanouela Alexiou) (2011), in “The disbanded” by A. Tsipianitis (monologue, dir. Chris Karchadakis) (2012), " In-Laws from Tirana" by M. Reppa - Th. Papathanasiou (Polina, dir. M. Reppas - I. Papathanasiou) (2012), In 2013 she repeated the performance "Fat Men in Skirts" by Nicky Silver (Phyllis Hogan), "Standard brothel" by Ch. Romas (Manina, dir. Ch. Romas)  (2014), “Just divorced” by Vassilis Mirianthopoulos (Titika, dir. V. Miriathopoulos (2016), “ Absent Friends” by Allan Ayckbourn (Diana, dir.Konstantina Nikolaidi) and “Madame Julia” by Emmanouela Alexiou (Madame Julia. dir. Emm. Alexiou) (2018).

She played in many TV series such as: “Ten small Mitsi”, “Ah! Helen”, “Bad Vizier”, “Facelift”, “A wonderful life”, “Widows Club”, “Red Room”, “Safe Sex”, “Konstantinos & Eleni”, “On those grounds”, “Waltz with twelve Gods” etc. She played in films: “Female company” (dir. Nikos Perrakis), “Women ‘s vices” (dir. Nikos Zervos), "A Night in Athens" (dir. Dimitris Arvanitis) (2013), “Tonight we eat in Jocasta's” (dir. Vasilis Myrianthopoulos) (2014).

She also wrote scripts for television series: A wonderful life, Fallen angel, In the Shadow of War, Widows Club. She also worked in the scrips: “Lola”, “Block of flats”, “Life of another”, “Stolen Dreams”. In 2012 she adapted for the Cyprus TV, of the novel "Waltz with twelve Gods" of L. Manta which played in Greece and Cyprus with great success for two years. In 2015 also played in Cyprus and Greece with great success her series "Without you". In 2016 “As a family” in Alpha Chanel Cyprus and Alpha Chanel Greece. In 2017 he co-wrote in “La pasta Pomilori” for Antenna Chanel in Cyprus. In 2018 she wrote for Antenna in Greece the series “Woman without a name” which is also running this season.

She wrote the novels: “Fallen Angel", "In the shadow of war" Publisher: Livanis and "366 days" Publisher: Kedros.