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Madalena Maria Diamanti published her first book “7 words that marked my heart” in June 2019 by LivanisPublications. She currently works as a journalist-web editor in the online magazine Κlik, by the publisher Aris Terzopoulos, where she is preparing different interviews and many interesting articles.She is writing about the Heart of her book. 


7 words that marked my heart.

If I could go back in time, to the sweet period of my adolescence, when I spread my wings, I would have liked to have in my hands all the wisdom of the world… A life guide that, in its own magical way, would encourage me throughwords born of human experiences; all those moments of happiness, of love, but also of sadness or even of betrayal.

Today, as I grow up and have the responsibility of two little creatures – my son and my daughter – I think that what I did not have then, I would like to offer it to them now. A book in which they can refer to at any moment of their life, looking for answers to questions that each of us has and will continue to have, no matter how many years pass; no matter how many changes the evolution of science or technology brings about. Because, in the end it is the human emotions that dominate our lives, regardless of our age, social status or education.

The encouraging comments of my readers gavebirth to the idea of a book dedicated to seven words that have marked my heart but, I think,touch all of us.

Eros, Love, Betrayal, Sadness, Motherhood, Hope, Happiness. Studying great words of wisdom and masterpieces by iconic personalities, older and contemporary – such as among others Nikos Kazantzakis, OdysseasElytis, George Seferis, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ernest Hemingway, Rainer Maria Rilke, Paulo Coelho, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry – I was inspired by them and wrote my own thoughts, based on the experiences of my own life, which may, in a special way, connect the above words with the lives of the readers. Some people may wonder why Motherhood is so important to men. And yet it touches them too, either in the form of the mother who gave birth to them, or in the form of the wife, the sister or the girlfriend. 

Which word do I consider the most important? I think that no matter how hard I try, I will not be able to choose just one, as they are allinterconnected.

If one of them has not “marked” our lives in its own way, we may not be able to understand the others.


Why seven? 

Because ever since I can remember myself, I had singled out this number even though I did not know that it is sacred and symbolic. Along the way, I learned: seven days of Creation; on the 7th day, God created man; number 7 is usedten times in the Old Testament; the Sacred Mysteries are 7 and so are the virtues. The Pythagoreans considered the number 7 as an image and model of order and harmony in nature. It is the number that includes twice the sacred number 3 – a symbol of the divine trinity in all peoples, Christian and pagan – to which is added the divine unit.

In Ancient Greece, there were 7 Sages; the liberal arts in Antiquity were 7 and so are the colors of the spectrum of the rainbow. All of the above are just some of the references to the sacred number 7, which from ancient times to the present “marks” our life. 

As for my lucky 7, it was the day of the month that I gave birth to my first child, my son…

Even if some of the seven universal dimensions of life have troubled or hurt us, they can help us look at the future with optimism. Anyone who has read this book will probably succeed indoing so.

So, here’s what I wish to urge you to do: Keep your heads high throughout failure and difficulty and do not forget that “it's never too late”.



Madalena Maria Diamanti was born in Athens,on a snowy January morning. She studied Economics at the American College of Greece-Deree College, as well as journalism and music production at the Professional Journalism Laboratory (Ergastiri EpaggelmatikisDimosiografias) and completed her MBA (Master in Business Administration) studies at the Athens Laboratory of Business Administration. She worked for an airline and shipping company.

She speaks fluent English, Italian and French and she adores classical music and the piano. From a very young age, she loved to write in order to capture her thoughts and feelings on paper. She has received an award in an Italian literary competition by Società Dante Alighieri..

She has published various articles in the electronic press as well as in her blog about motherhood. She currently works as a journalist-web editor in the online magazine Κlik, by the publisher Aris Terzopoulos, where she is preparing different interviews (such as among others with Maria Farantouri, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Marios Frangoulis, Manolis Mitsias, George Patoulis, Semina Digeni, Maria Lampadaridou Pothou, Stamatis Kraounakis, Fotini Darra) as well as tributes to leading personalities (such as for Manos Hadjidakis, Ernest Hemingway, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Simone de Beauvoir, Milan Kundera, among others). She also writes her personal opinion on psychological and other aspects of general interest. 







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