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Violetta Pavlea is an author who wishes to initiate us to the ancient mystic world of the Kabeirian Mysteries; thus, she is introducing to us her new book, published by Kaktos Publications, in English and in Greek. 


Nike of Samothrace and the Kabeirian Mysteries


The book entitled “Nike of Samothrace and the Kabeirian Mysteries is the fruit of the coalescence and the synchronizationof the powers, which advanced upon my soul ever since the first day I set foot on the sacred lands of Samothrace. 

Ever since that first nightI wrote the poem of Nike, which took the form of request to bring her back home whereas it also marked the beginning of my personal quest to delve into the Kabeirian Mysteries; the quintessence of this task of mine was rendered and put on paper in my book.


My authorial inspiration marks a meeting point between the Nikeof Samothrace and the Kabeirian Mysteries, through the spiritual beauty they encapsulate in the innermost parts of their very existence. The goddess Nikeon one handincorporates theesthetic, ideal beauty whereas the Kabeirian Mysteries, on the other hand, represent the spiritual beauty of the long-forgotten ancient knowledge; the knowledge, which leads humans from ignorance and illusion to redemption and freedom through the power of truth, which is concealing the mystery of the birth of humankind and which is in turn illuminated through the initiation to the Kabeirian Mysteries.


Nike, through her timeless presence, radiates the beauty of the Ancient Greek civilization. Nike herself is a beacon, which remains standing through time, while revealing the spiritual glory of her birthplace where she yearns to return. 

What Nike heralds is the spiritual freedom stemming from the long-lost sacred knowledge which she represents in the modern world as well as, first and foremost, her own freedom, marked by her return to the sanctum where she was born. That is why the return of Nike lies in the core of my book! 


My research on the Kabeirian Mysteries is the meeting pointbetween philosophymystic initiation and the ideal esthetic of thestatue. The axis of this research on the correlation of Nike with theKabeirian Mysteries lies in the androgynous initiation of the neophytes, the novices; it is the very moment when they receive the wings of the soul, so that they can fly to Plato’s heavenly kingdom of Ideas. It is precisely these wings of the soul that Nikebrings forth from its innermost being into plain view.



The Kabeirian Mysteries, the mysteries of the Great Gods, thatwere held at the “venerable and sacred”, according to Orpheus,Samothrace, intertwine through time with the presence of Nike,which was found adorning their sanctuary.

But what did Zeus sent her to herald through her exquisitesuperficies? What was the innermost mystery that the artist knewand chiseled on her? What role was she destined to fulfill –if shedid indeed have any during the ritual of the Kabeirian initiation?Furthermore, why does her presence in the centuries continues toinitiate and inspire scores of people to escape the disgracefulnessof mortal existence by seeking an outlet to the spiritual dimensionof life?

Answers that only the initiates possessed and Nike bears imprintedon her being, eager to offer them to those able to dissymbolise herideal, significative existence in the holy ground of the Great Gods.


Bio Violetta Pavlea

Violetta Pavlea is a person-centered psychotherapist-counselor andauthor of books on esoteric psychology and consciousness. Shereceived a degree in Psychology from The Athens College of Arts.She pursued her postgraduate studies at the Institution forCounseling & Psychological Studies (ICPS) and received an MScwith merit/ distinction in Person-Centered Counseling Psychotherapy, from the University of Strathclyde, UK.

From 1990 to 2005, she went into esoteric and depth psychologythrough a number of experiential seminars alongside the teacher ofmetaphysics, George Vouloukos, while also being a philosophyresearcher and yoga teacher.

For a long time, she has been publishing in journals ofphilosophical, metaphysical and psychological content; she is an author of spiritual consciousness books and has also been alecturer on related topics. Her work has always focused onstudying the soul, as well as its development and self-actualization. Having perused Jung’s thinking for many years, sheworked as a counselor in spiritual growth groups and is currentlyworking as a person-centered approach counselor-psychotherapist.