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Behind every great idea, there is a remarkable mind, end owed with ethics and vision. How did the idea on the International Committee “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020”emerge? Mr Kyriakos Maridakisthe heart behind this project explains how this dream will come true.

The beginning 

It has already been 40 yearssince my fatherMr Christos Maridakisset a life goal to protect, promote and in general, to bring to the forefront the historic sites related to the Salamis naval battle, whereas he was also the driving force behind the commemorative event entitled “Salaminia”. Inspired by his effortsthe last 15 yearsI personallyassumed its promotion on a national level while at the same time, together with the Hellenic government, and in collaboration with 52 Embassies and heads of state, we worked on the development of the Salamis in terms of tourism and cultureWethussucceeded in transforming awar event into a symbol of Peace, honoring the dead regardless of color, race, religion, nationality or social class, transmitting a global message of Peace and Solidarity. 

Originating from SfakiaCreteand ErmoupoliSyrosI grewup in historic Salamis, an island that I hold dear in my heart both for its history and for its culture, following in the footsteps of my father, Christos Maridakis, who dedicated his life to the preservation of its historic sites. It was how Idecided to selflessly highlight the universal aspect of suchfactby promoting our cultural heritage and by reminding to everyone that the island of Salamis is an international cradle of freedom and democracy. 





The objective

In view of the upcoming celebration of the 2500 years, our aim is to transform the island of Salamis into an internationalculturalreligiousnature-oriented pole of attraction through development projects including the historic thematic park, a cruise transit porta luxurious marina, a 3D representation of the naval battle while also inscribing the archaeological sites into the UNESCO list, bringing about immediate results on the local and national
In order for this ambitious project to come truefor the past15 yearsI have been working closely with Ms Marianna Vardinoyanni as well as with successive Hellenic governments, and all of the projects we suggest have already been adopted and promoted to the competent institutions and services within the Hellenic ministries as well as within the EU
On an international levelhistorians, archaeologists, university professors, ambassadors and diplomats from Greece, the US, the EU, Israel, the UAE and Australia, unselfishly support our efforts.



The year 2020 marks the historic benchmark of 2500 years after a battle, which determined world history in many aspects. Thus, our objective is to actually make all of the development projects come true and to bring the island of Salamis to the place it deserves to hold within the records of history and of the world. 
And about my personal goals?
As a Greek and a citizen of the world, I’m fighting forcivilization and the humankind. I feel it is our obligation toclaim a better future, encompassing Peace and Solidarity toall. This is my objective, my dream, and at the same time the reason, I dedicated my life to this vision.


Kyriakos Maridakis is a Royal Director for the Royal Family and the Prime Minister of the UAE and a Member of the Honorary International Committee “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020”. Mr Maridakis was born in Athens on March 27, 1975.He grew up in historic Salamis and is a descendant of Georgios Maridakis, a World War II hero. He is a Certified Senior Hotel Director Accountant and Financial Officer of the Royal Family in Dubai, trained in the US (Administration, Public Relations, Communication, and Personnel Management). He is fluent in English and German. He was actively involved in the joint cultural commemorative events of historic Salamis entitled “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020”initiated by his father Christos, who ensured the preservation of the historic sites of the Battalion, the Ancient Harbor and the Tomb. He was awarded a Diploma of Virtue from the Foundation of the Hellenic World, where as he is a member of and received knighthood of the International Diplomatic Club –“Association Caritative des Diplomates et Consuls (Ordre de Saint-Gabriel). In addition, he is the founder and deputy chairman of the Salamis International Foundation, and serves as an assistant governor for District 2470 of Rotary International, the head of the Inter-country committee of District 2470 with Israel (2017-2018), the Founding President of the Hellenic-Israeli Union, the El. Secretary for the Club of Rome, and the Founding President of the “King Ajax” Salamis Rotary Club. He has undertaken an international effort, in cooperation with the President of the Honorary International Committee “Thermopylae-Salamis 2020” and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Ms Marianna Vardinoyannis, the Hellenic Government, 52 Embassies, as well as several international organizations and heads of state in order to contribute voluntarily and unselfishly, to the promotion of Liberty, Peace ,Solidarity, Democracy and our Cultural Heritage, by claiming a place for the historic island of Salamis, on an international level.To this end, his projects include building a national historic,naval theme park regarding the battle of Salamis, a cruise transit port, a luxurious marina, and a 3D animation museumas well as inscribing the Ancient Harbor, the Ancient City of Salamis and the naval battle sites in the UNESCO World Heritage List; additionally, he works toward putting the international forum “Salamis - Culture and Democracy” and the Salaminia events under auspices of the President of the Hellenic Republic.