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The mind can never get closed 

I decided to establish this artistic foundation, a few weeks before the virus hit our unsuspected world.

Many people got scared and wanted to shut down everything just because we cannot meet each other anymore. 

However, I felt that this conjuncture can bring us together, can help us connect our minds and share our thinking –especially our positive thoughts, the ones uplifting our energies– as well as to connect our hearts.

In my life, I had only one true source of strength, which made me forget all obstacles; the quote of Nikos Kazantzakis 

"The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darkness."

Let us look around us ...We suddenly found ourselves living in darkness. However, our houses are safe. So, we still have the possibility to share many ideas and plans for the future, directlyfrom our sofa. 

Thus, it will prove true that a thinking mind and a powerful heart are able to see deeper than the eyes; and understand that the current situation will not last forever, given that nothing lasts forever in this life.

There fore, above anything else, during this time we have an obligation to protect our minds,especially when everything around us starts sounding terrifyingly unprecedented for our time, whereas it was a reality during the Medieval or other times.

Our mind is the only place of real freedom we have, the only place not restricted by boundaries; the only part of ourselves that can help us carry on dreaming our big or small dreams; that can helps us rethink who we have already become and to assess who we would like to be when the current situation comes to an end; our only part which can show us the way of taking better care of ourselves and of our beloved ones. It is, therefore, high time we woke up our inner light and shared it over with others, within this grayish space forming around us. Because the only true thing in life is precisely that light. That bright light of our inner Sun which can rise above any darkness, and find so many new ways to create the future, with the use of the new technologies within new contexts.

The world may be “closed” by now ...but the mind can never get closed. The only reason why a mind would close lies within us. It is only us who can keep it open and it is us again who can make it evolve and develop.

It is literally in our hands; it depends on each one of us, personally. The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras used to say that the mind is a fire meant to be lit, not a receptaclemeant to be filled. Thus, we should not necessarily equate education with inspiration and spirituality, given that anyone who can use their brain has access to the latter; and at this point in our life, it does help to think only in positive and creative terms, distancing ourselves from the surrounding ambiance, which risks bringing about only pain and fear.

Ideas never end... They are like new dreams! They never end as every single moment we can have a new dream.

Let us better detect this grayish side of life so that we can help awaken our inner strength. 


 Photes...  enlightened individuals


In previous years, I was particularly interested in the Ancient Greek world and the promotion of the Greek civilization, mainly in order to contribute into a better understanding of the Ancient Greek reasoning.

The enlightened fruit of the Ancient Greek reasoning is the complete absence of any dogmatic approach of things. Such absence

allowed the existence of multiple interpretations, methods and arguments, finding and rewarding many different paths through which our mind was, is and shall be able to walk, evolve and discover the truth it seeks.

The Ancient Greek philosophy put curiosity, that innate inclination of human nature, to a good cause and a rather creative one. It never stagnated in the swamps of unfruitful judgment and criticism. It evolved into observation and intellect, a trigger of creativity during the educational process. The Greek language indicates so in a very clear way. Μάωμ, (pronounced máo, mó, the same verb in its long and shorter form) which means “seeking knowledge” –what better thing is there than that? – is the verb from which derives the word Muse. Muse is the one who is overseeing the aspects of knowledgewhich make the human spirit evolve (music, astronomy, poetry, theater, dance, history); further on, the Muse encompasses the theoretical or scientific research and emerges as a symbol of a source emitting culture.

However, what makes a civilization great? Undoubtedly, a civilization considering inspiration as its driving force is a civilization, which shall ensure a quest for truth, in a context of freedom. More than that, however, a great civilization is one who knows how to love. If love is the driving force behind everything only a civilization which puts love at the forefront, is in the position to produce science and intellect, as it is a civilization demanding the democracy of knowledge – and more importantly the democracy of the existence, the very foundation of humanity. Μτις (pronounced Metis) in Ancient Greek is the caring wisdom and designated the honorable mother of Athena, goddess of wisdom, thus stating the undeniable truth: No progress, no advancement may come from discord and intolerance. The latter are nothing but the collateral deviations of a civilization; they could never be its prerequisites.

 The Ancient Greek literature, through the Orphic tradition, clearly warns us so: there was a time when people feasted from each other’s flesh, but progress only came when they learnt to care for each other and they became φτες (pronounced “photes”). Has the time come again for us to become Photes as well? 

Photes is a term of the Ancient Greek philosophy describing the enlightened individuals, those equipped with a heightened perception of the conscious, those who cherish, through their very existence, the respect toward the Other, whether human or not. The origin of the word goes back to φως (pronounced phos, the Greek word for light) indicating their substance. The Photes are the disciples of life’s complexities, as well as of life’s wisdom; they are its interpreters, not its masters.

So, I wish to set the foundation of my relationship with you and with the entire world, on abundant Light; that was the idea behind the establishment of the Le Soleil Foundation, on a date which marks an important turning point for me; a moment of joy, which shall transform into an effort of bringing some light to the lives of people.

For all the great truths uplifting the entire planet… I have faith in the clear mind, which helps the eyes look under a clearer perspective. I have faith in Humans. I have faith in the Light. I have faith to us.