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What a sunny day

Hello! It’s just a sunny day, as usual here in Athens Greece, and even indoors, I’m trying to make up my own magic world! No fear at all! No worries! Nothing can catch us if we are inside our own kingdom, not even those tiny invisible invaders who try to camp inside our throat and lungs. I would not say that would be good idea for them. Here, our sun King of Light of the universe since it’s been created, never stopped to protect us with his beneficial rays , vitamin D, and lots of vitaminC outonthedeliciousvegwecollecteitherfromourgardenorthe nearby grocer’s store.
I would do it even if I need to go out disguised as a Transformer in order to collect my food.
Umm... Spring in the air... I can feel it from the blossomed orange and lemon trees, their odor makes me crazy, it is the best and blessed sensation just out my window that I could ever have. Still, I’ m inside home. The whole idea excites me so much as I’ m trying to go deeper to my inner self to deploy my soul and see what’s up today. I’m so sure there so many things that I need to know of myself. We never have time as the outer world keeps us busy and drags all our energy, absorbed by million other ideas except the one that we concern ourselves
I took care of my pets, poor little dogs, the were missing me so much, they were about to forget me seeing me such a short time every day. In the meanwhile, as I was reviewing the whole thing on my mind, I entered my kitchen, that I missed too, and I found the great opportunity to improve my cooking talented ideas and started exercising on the Greek food.
I sat and relaxed on my chair as time no mattered anymore, and took a book, as it used to be in the old classic way leaving behind all the smart ethics of our century and trying to do everything human and simple to make my whole body andbrainsystemtoworkbyitself. Noneedforanyexternalhelp.Ipickedabook that Indeed, I loved so much, I had to read it: “the birth of the tragedy” first Nietzsche’s publication. That is to wonder! I’m not going to explain all his philosophy onitthoughveryimpressedasIwasgoingthroughthenarrationI stopped on the verse:“ the Tragic feeling of life” as life gives a meaning to world while life on its own is meaningless. I got the point! It suits me and does everyone too.

We are all need to adopt. The modern man needs to be sceptic on his history, therefore, on his value system, relevantly to the nature and on his fellowmen and he needs to deactivate his destructivity and conciliate his dark part of his collective soul. Hellens are the charioteers of the upcoming civilization and almost all the chars and horses of the upcoming civilizations are of a lower quality relevant to the Hellen charioteers who have been exercising by driving the char to the Abyss while themselves make the Achilles’ jump.
I remained silent and thoughtful... It was time for us to make this jump beyond any corrosion.
I closed the book, I had taken my lesson, time was gone it’s getting dark, though I kept all the Light inside my soul and mind.
Tomorrow is going to be another day...

Alexandra Symeonidou
Twitter: @irisektor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.symeonidou




Alexandra Symeonidou is an internationally known author, born in  Athens Greece, and educated in France  ( university of Aix-En Provence), expert on the status of women in Islam, European TV personality and women's rights activist. Her writings and blog are published in many international newspapers, online media sites and the Huffington Post in English.
Her main bodies of works are published in Greek and French and "Nightmares in the Saudi Arabian Desert" is her first English translation. Parts 2 & 3 will soon be available in English on Amazon.com.

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