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Surreal. Awakening the knowledge and the ethos of an era, which should reinvent itself for the sake of good taste. This is how we could summarize the work of the well-known designer Katerina Psoma. Her jewelry is not just elegant. It is a study delving into a world, which demands to shine bright!

1. L.S: We could say that you are a female Dalí with a great sense of humor. How much surrealism could the world take, under the artistic perspective of your jewelry?

K.P.: Thank you so much for the compliment, even though I feel it is not fair for Dalí. I neither am nor feel like an artist. I am a designer. I create jewelry and my approach is not artistic, it is invested with esthetic “sophistication”. I do not really consider my jewelry as surreal; they are not above and beyond what is real. They are mostly impressive objects with harmoniously combined material, whereas they serve a purpose: they help women feel happier in their everyday life.

2. L.S: What are the reasons that would make you consider your jewelry as timeless?

K.P.: Well, it is in their nature. Apart from rare exceptions, all my jewelry stands out and withstands time. That is not a trend. It is a statement. I think that they represent my creative soul and that is a concept with no expiration date.

3. L.S: Tell us about this year’s collection.

K.P.: It was designed before the pandemic and its motto was “Grandiose”. Communicating such message, during these times, is literally a challenge. However, as mentioned before, due to their timelessness and the rationale behind the jewelry (that is that they are fabulous creations and exquisite mood-makers when worn), the collection goes well. It includes necklaces with stones and Murano, and earrings reminiscent of the ‘70s. I draw my inspiration from a convergence between Judge Ruth and Jennifer Lopez, in an effort to join the traits of those two self-made women: the feminine side with the unhindered devotion to values, style and essence.

4. L.S.: What made you draw inspiration from the past and contributed to the evolution of your style?

K.P.: I believe the evolution of my style is more connected to skills rather than inspiration. The same goes for many other aspects in our lives. In order to evolve, you need to focus on your goals, in a spirit of discipline, self-reflection, and continuous skill development and above all in a spirit of love. Love for your goals coupled with humility.

5. L.S.: From 2001 to 2021, what external influence shaped the most your current way of thinking, in terms of your work?

K.P.: There are several sources of influence actually. Where can I start? I believe the most important one is my team, which always equips me with love for my field of work and provides me with the best advice. Then, I tend to remain informed on several general subjects, not necessarily related to my field.

6. L.S.: You are really famous for bringing together diverse pieces in a completely harmonious way. Is that also a personal trait? Tell us a little about you.

K.P.: I am a rather geeky person. You probably cannot tell but in general, I am what you would consider a sociable person who wears her heart on her sleeve.

7. L.S.: Is there a memorable journey you made during which you collected stones and decorative items? Do share with us the reasons why you could never forget why it changed your perspective on the world.

K.P.: I do not really believe in milestones. In my case, change comes slowly and I wish it would always be like that. I love my journeys to Istanbul because it is a city, which reflects the very essence of coexistence between different cultures – or at least, it did.

8. L.S.: In a world the way we experience it today, with practically zero social life due to COVID, why would a woman buy jewelry? What would it offer to her?

K.P.: We do not wear jewelry for the sake of others. We wear jewelry for our sake, just like anything else we wear. During the lockdown, I was at home wearing all my nice stuff, my silk skirts and my dresses and I took pleasure in wearing my jewelry. To me, that was an act of survival. Furthermore, when at a zoom call, we do need to wear a little accessory. Honestly now, have you ever thought how much more fun it is to cook wearing your fancy earrings? Have you ever considered how much it is worth to us and how much love we show to ourselves when doing the simplest things in the most elegant ways?

9. L.S.: You announced through your Instagram account that 20% of the proceedings from the sales of your jewelry will be offered to the non-profit organization "DESMOS", which helps fight the pandemic by providing sanitary and medical equipment as well as supplies to social welfare centers and respective entities in Greece. Tell us about it.

K.P.: When the lockdown began and while people were dying, I noticed several brands caring just for themselves and announcing through Instagram that it is sales time. I sincerely identify with peoples’ anxiety on their professional survival. However, to me, it is immoral to think individually, during such difficult times. There is always out there a person who is faced with more important problems, compared to us, and we have to help out. It is our duty and obligation to help those weaker than us. That is why I contributed as much as possible to the effort of Desmos. I was happy to see that other designers also followed suit. That is the definition of success: when a small act of humanity sets a good example for others as well. However, allow me a tiny correction: it should not be a once-off act but a constant effort.

10. L.S.: Your earrings are truly adventurous! You seem to have a particular obsession with earrings. As if they are telling an entire story and you just whisper it to our ears!

K.P.: That was so poetic! I feel that my earrings are a weapon. An amazing weapon that helps us enjoy our everyday life, reminding us our strength and accompanying us through life. They are a symbol of our femininity and our uniqueness. And indeed, among the jewelry I make, they are the ones that always tell stories, the ones that you look at and you are lost in a world of unexplained wonder; and every woman can identify with this world and actually wear it. How lovely is that!

11. L.S.: What are you favorite pieces for this year and what is the absolute must.

K.P.: I am obsessed with accessorizing my neck. I enjoy wearing 2-3 big necklaces together.

12. L.S.: If I asked you to remember just one memorable moment from your entire career, which one would that be and why?

K.P.: I would choose my accidental encounter with Manuela Pavesi, the right-hand person of Prada, and the meetings that followed. That is indeed the memorable moment. However, the essence behind it, is another and differs a bit: it is all about the few exceptional friendships I made through my work.

13. L.S.: Do you happen to have a particular childhood recollection that made you fall in love with jewelry?

K.P.: Of course! I am surrounded by beautiful women with large wardrobes and I was raised by a mother who owned one of the largest clothes stores. I always used to play with my grandmother’s jewelry and scarves. I always used to borrow my mother’s garments. Even now, I open my aunt’s closet just to marvel over her treasures.

14. L.S.: What does fashion mean to you? Is it art that makes fashion timeless or does fashion normally seeks anew forgotten aspects of the art?

K.P.: Fashion is nothing more than the 3rd (or is it already the 2nd ?) largest economy sector. Yes, it does include several creative minds that are hired as if they are expendable. It does borrow whatever it can from wherever it can in order to make profit and evolve.

15. L.S.: Is there a phrase that tells everything about you, while uncovering at the same time your professional mentality?

Yes! Our motto is #HaveItAll, as in to have everything: love, kindness, laughter, patience, empathy, strength, discipline, style.


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