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Elounda Peninsula all suite hotel

Elounda Peninsula all suite hotel

Interview with Ilias Kokotos 

Years ago, the Kokotos family re-shaped the entire area of Elounda, Crete, creating an authentic 5-star paradise by the sea. Elounda accommodated politicians such as Andreas Papandreou and François Mitterrand, sheikhs and princes, famous artists and fashion designers such as Donatella Versace as well as sports stars such as Cristiano Ronaldo, making the celebrated hotels a pole of attraction for magnates from all over the world. The three children of the Kokotos family, Fotis, Ilias and Marina, followed on their parents’ vision and they never – not for a single moment – felt they achieved perfection. Their successful results did not make them rest on their laurels. On the contrary, every single day, they dedicate themselves and keep doing their best so that Elounda maintains its excellent social reputation. As it seems, they always achieve their objectives.

The first-born son of the family, Fotis, is a consultant and tourist infrastructure designer specializing in spas, a member of the Greek Tourism Association Board (SETE) as well as of Marketing Greece.

The family’s youngest daughter, Marina has studied Tourism and Business in a UK university and, upon completing her studies, she worked in different hotel groups, among others at the Events Department of Hotel Grande Bretagne. She currently works as the Οperations Director at the hotels managed by her family, the Elounda S.A. Hotels and Resorts.

Ilias Kokotos is the family’s middle child. He graduated from the Athens College and studied Business Management and Marketing at the American College. Upon completing his studies, he worked for the Sales and Marketing Department of Elounda S.A. and later on, he took command of the said Department. Through this interview, he will also be in charge of becoming our guide around the most important jet set destination in Crete

Behind the discrete, yet timeless success of Elounda S.A. Hotels & Resorts lays a long tradition of hoteliers, given that the entire family is well known in this field. Tell us about it.

Greece is famous either for large-scale infrastructures providing hotel services or for small, boutique hotels. What sets Elounda S.A. apart is the fact that it combines both of the above: three small hotels, operating separately yet providing the services of a large resort. That way, guests enjoy the high-quality services a small hotel can provide while at same time they have the possibility to enjoy the amenities of a large hotel, including among others, a wide range of restaurant options, the largest Six Senses Spa in the world, a spacious children’s play area.

L.S.: How did the idea for Elounda come to life?

I.K.: Elounda was a fishing village, which my father envisioned to turn into a lavish destination, back in 1971. It all started when, as a young architect, he used to swim at the waters of Elounda, dreaming to build hotels, which would be unique at that time. However, what made Elounda remain a top Mediterranean destination, even today, is the constant renovation of the hotels in this area.

L.S.: How difficult was it for the younger generation of the family to modernize traditions while keeping intact the business quality and ethos?

I.K.: Not difficult at all, to be honest. Both my siblings and I grew up within a hotel environment, thus from a very young age, we have internalized our parents’ vision and we believe in it. For us, retaining this vision is not an obligation but a desire.

L.S.: Would you please tell us more about the hotels and the differences between them?

I.K.: Elounda Mare was the first hotel in the world, which suggested bungalows with private swimming pools. It is still the only hotel in Crete, which is a member of the luxury hotels Relais & Châteaux. Each one of the 42 bungalows and villas has a completely different layout and decoration, allowing the guest to experience a true sense of uniqueness. Porto Elounda Golf & Spa Resort was the first hotel in the world suggesting to our guests the possibility to book a room with a swimming pool, without having to pay for something as expensive as a villa or a suite. The main idea behind this hotel was a sense of discrete luxury. Last but not least, the Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel is the only hotel in Europe exclusively constituted by suites and villas perched on the water edge. This year, we proceeded into reconstructing 20 of them, particularly investing on the exterior and interior spaces.

L.S.: It is widely known that celebrities adore Elounda. We are well aware that it is hotel policy not to publicize any details on the guests; however, is there anything you would like to remember which could help us imagine how do stars and famous guests live their lives? Is there anyone in particular who has left an impression on you?

I.K.: I do not wish to refer to any particular guest because I do not think that it is what really matters. However, what I can say for sure is that the more successful a person becomes, the simpler they get; in my opinion, this aspect has nothing to do with being financially secure but it is more about the self-confidence built from being successful in life.

L.S.: Tell us about the awards you have received. How difficult is it to always stay on top?

I.K.: For us, but also for any hotelier, I believe, the greatest reward is not the awards you might receive but the repeat guests; the ones who keep coming every year, who entrust you with the few days of their vacation, who recommend you to their friends and acquaintances. Therefore, I have to say that our greatest success is the high number of repeat guests in all three hotels.

L.S.: What is the secret of a truly good host in islands like Crete, which attract high-level tourism?

I.K.: I think the secret of a good host remains the same in any part of the world: it is all about kindness, a warm smile and customer service.

L.S.: How easy or how difficult is it for you to be the person who awakens a dream into people’s hearts? Did you ever imagine that at some point you would be the one that makes people’s dreams come true?

I.K.: Surely, it is a great pleasure for any person to be able to fulfill people’s dreams, and this is true not only for us but for any hotelier: we provide something more that a vacation venue; we provide guests with an entire experience, and that is the most important aspect of all.

The extra amenities offered to your guests include the Six Senses Spa.

What makes the Six Senses Spa truly unique is not its size, despite the fact that it is the biggest in the world; it is the magnificent view guests can savor from any of its spaces and the remarkable decoration based on the exquisite works of Kostas Varotsos.

L.S.: How did the idea of the real estate come up? 

I.K.: The entire concept of buying a house within a hotel venue is an option offered in Europe and the US for quite some time now. It was the next step for the Hellenic tourism and we are very happy that we took this step first.

L.S.: What should a guest try while staying in Elounda that would qualify as something to experience?

I.K.: The hotel gastronomy is indeed an experience, given that there are some of the best restaurants in Greece; there is also the spa, which is one of the top spas in Europe; the golf court, an ideal venue for anyone wishing to learn how to play golf, while there is also a number of beaches with calm, crystal waters.

L.S.: Some of the most important shootings for commercials and video clips have taken place at the hotel venues. Would you kindly remind us of a few ones?

I.K.: Indeed, our hotels have accommodated a significant number of such shootings. The infamous slap commercial where Sakis Rouvas met Katia Zygouli was shot at Porto Elounda. Furthermore, famous Russian singers such as Philip Kirkorov, Ani Lorak, Sergey Lazarev have shot their video clips at Elounda Peninsula.

L.S.: Is there a “memory for a lifetime” from the years you have spent at the hotel?

I.K.: I do have a vivid recollection from my childhood. I remember watching a news piece about Elounda whereas just in front of my eyes there was an ashtray where I could read “Elounda Mare”. As a child, I was particularly impressed that what I was listening about in the news, I could also see it written on an ashtray.

L.S.: Is there something new that will take place at the hotel this year?

I.K.: Well, this year took place one of the most extensive refurbishments – I would even call it a reconstruction – of all luxury suites and villas whereas we also built a new, 6-bedroom villa by the sea. Back in 2019, we had just redeveloped the resort beach, creating one of the largest swimming pools in the area. Our modern remodeling plans will carry on next year as well, all things considered of course.

Infos :
Elounda Peninsula , Elounda,Lasithi, Crete
Email: peninsula@elounda-sa.com
Tel: 0030 2841 068250
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eloundapeninsula/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/eloundapeninsula?igshid=ys6y6ts8adpq

16th Porto Elounda Pro-Am & Autumn Cup 2020

 The porto elounda GOLF CLUB and the porto elounda GOLF & SPA RESORT are pleased to announce the “16th porto elounda Autumn Pro Am & Cup 2020 - Aegean Mini Tour”. The tournament takes place in October 1-4 at the porto elounda GOLF CLUB and the Crete Golf Club in Hersonissos.

The course at the porto elounda is a 9-hole par 3 with two tees per hole, resulting in a total length of 1.700 meters when playing 18 holes. The handicap equalizer factor for this course 0.4 of the player’s official club handicap.

The course at the Crete Golf Club is an 18-hole course with a total length of 6.015 meters. Here players will be allowed their full official club handicap as certified by their home club.

There will be separate competitions for ladies and gentlemen with handicap limit of 36 in both. Club handicap certificates will be requested.

The format of the “Porto Elounda Autumn Cup & Pro-Am” will be a Net Stableford competition for all Amateur categories and the Pro-Am, Residents of any of the Elounda SA Hotels & Resorts, (elounda mare hotel, the porto elounda GOLF & SPA RESORT and the peninsula ALL SUITE HOTEL) will have the chance to win special Elounda SA prizes. On Sunday’s competition all players will have the chance to win special prizes from the Tournament’s Sponsors.


Thursday October 1, 2020

Arrival of the players

Registration at porto elounda GOLF CLUB Evening: Cretan Welcome Cocktail & Dinner

Friday October 2, 2020

Morning: Transfer to the Crete Golf Club

Start of Tournament. First Round

Light refreshments will be offered during the Tournament Afternoon: Transfer back to porto elounda

Evening: Greek Night with Greek live music and dances

Saturday October 3, 2020

Morning: Transfer to the Crete Golf Club

Start of competition, Second Round

Light refreshments will be offered during the Tournament Afternoon: Transfer back to porto elounda

Evening: Gala Dinner with live trio band music & Awards Ceremony

Sunday October 4, 2020

Morning: Start of Special Golf Competition at porto elounda GOLF CLUB

Midday: Lunch & Closing Ceremony

Infos for Golf:

Tel. +30 28410 68000

E-mail porto@elounda-sa.com

Web portoelounda.com, pgagreece.com