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Rob Lowe 

Rob Lowe 

The last legend!

The mere fact that legendary Hollywood film superstar Rob Lowe was born on 17 March should be sufficient explanation for us given that the Le Soleil Foundation was established on the very same day!

He has always been and shall remain Hollywood’s sexiest man; no one could compare with him even in terms of basic traits: at age 56, he is even more charming than he used to be when he was younger. He is truly a one-of-kind father for his two amazing boys; in addition, he remains an excellent golfer and an avid fan of anything sea-related, from water sports to fishing. He has traveled all over the world however, he adores taking a vacation to Hawai; he has also come to Greece for vacation and loves the country.

Last but not least, he is a talented saxophonist but also a talented singer –even when trying karaoke!

His professional path is well known and quite frequently,he identifies with “The Outsiders” and the Stay Gold attitude.

Following several different collaborations, and in particular TV and film scenarios, on 9 September 2018, Rob made his directorial debut with the film “The Bad Seed” working as a producer, director and actor during which he discovers that his youngest daughter was the “bad seed” of a thriller which was filmed in Canada.

Everyone wishes to know more about his eventful life, so the live shows of “Stories I only tell my friends” kept being sold outand it is the case for the unrivalled show on 1 December 2018, at the Royal Festival Hall in London, at a time when the actor was staying in London while filming “Wild Bill”.

Throughout his iconic film and TV career, he was nominated sixtimes for the Golden Globes as well as one time for a Primetime Emmy Award (2001), twice for the Screen Actors Guild Award (2003 and 2014) as well as for a People’s Choice Award (2016). He has also received a Satellite Award for Best Cast (2000), and two Screen Actors Guild Awards (2000 and 2001) for “The West Wing” where as he has his own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

His rich charitable work, in collaboration with larger or smaller organizations, reflecting his profound desire of helping others, has also been widely acknowledged. In 2019, the Netflix “Christmas in Wild” was highly successful and, recently, following the game show of intelligence “MentalSamurai”, he continued his string of success with the amazing “9-1-1: Lone Star” at Fox.
He has attended the Cannes Film Festival several times; the photos we share are dating back in 2011, when Rob made an impressive appearance at “The Tree Of Life” premiere duringthe 64th Annual Cannes Film Festival at Palais des Festivals.

Given that just a few photos are never enough, there are also some from the time when he got his own star at the Hollywood Walk of Fame as well as from his personal life, depicting his immense love for the Dodgers or even Profile, his skincare products for men. Rob has always remained very close to the veterans, so given that today we celebrate Memorial Day, it is worth remembering how much he has supported them.

He found many ways to keep the audience happy during the time of the quarantine yet, throughout his career, he remained the man every woman fell in love with.
However, even though many people would consider him yet another Hollywood charmer, those who have met him know well that he is a thinker who enjoys playing with his image, sometimes even spoiling it, and is a living proof that, often, past mistakes can actually prove to be a valuable lesson.
There is really no one like Rob! When anyone else goes low, he continues heading up, toward his next peak! And that is precisely the reason we love him more and more every day!